Fall 2019 Scholarship Cycle

Application is now closed!

NCJW|LA’s Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students living in and attending school in the Greater Los Angeles area. We are proud to make an impact in our community by supporting Angelenos in their pursuit of a higher education. Applicants of all backgrounds without bias in regard to race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender identity, sexuality or national origin are encouraged to apply.

Starting in Fall 2019, our application is now online! Every applicant can apply for TWO scholarships. Please review the descriptions and requirements for our Scholarships to determine which scholarships would be best for you. Scholarship amounts are listed in parentheses next to the descriptions.


All questions about the NCJW|LA Scholarship Program should be directed to Selene Lopez, at scholarship@ncjwla.org or (323)852-8539.


Your Personal Story Matters!
Applying for an NCJW|LA scholarship? Look at the questions carefully. Understand the question and SHARE IN DETAIL to help paint a picture about your challenges and the strategies you use to overcome the hardship. Share anecdotes where you have learned valuable life lessons. Use lots of imagery to tell your story, family responsibilities, and life obstacles. Be sure to save your essays for other scholarship applications.

Posted: October 17, 2019

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