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We update this page every three weeks so check back for new actions or sign up for our newsletter to receive alerts. Some of these actions come from our coalition partners and others are NCJW actions.

  1. A Call for Solidarity with Bell Gardens Residents! 

This local action comes from California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

For the past few years, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ) has been working alongside community members in the city of Bell Gardens, where 78% of residents are renters and approximately 62% are considered low income.

CLRJ's UNIDAS - Unión de Vecinas de Bell Gardens have been organizing to push the city to pass a strong Rent Control law, Just Cause, and more tenant protections. The Union de Vecinas is currently mobilizing the community to share testimony at two Public Workshops taking place in December. As we gear up for this fight, we ask for your support in spreading the word about our campaign and petition.

2. Invest in Care  

This state action comes from SEIU 2015 

Across California, long-term care providers have been on the frontlines of the pandemic. They are working long hours caring for our loved ones. They worked heroically with little or no PPE at the beginning of the pandemic, fighting to save lives, comfort patients and families, and do their best to stop the spread of COVID-19. And we aren't treating them like the essential workers they are. We are calling on California employers and elected leaders to put an end to the low wages, and the disrespect caregivers face by implementing a $20 living wage for California caregivers. There is a crisis in our communities and nursing homes—a shortage of caregivers that is only getting worse.  

This wage increase will help caregivers—mostly women of color—care for themselves and their families without fighting to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table.  

Sign the petition and call on California leadership to set a $20 living wage floor now! Caregivers are the backbone of our community… it's time for $20 

3. Tell Mastercard: Sex work is work. End your unjust policy! 

This national action comes from ACLU

Mastercard put into effect a new policy regulating adult content sellers that makes it extremely hard for sex workers to earn a living online. It must be stopped.

The policy itself imposes strict and invasive requirements on adult content websites using Mastercard's financial services – including pre-approval of all content before publication, forbidding certain search terms, and monitoring the age and identity verification process for all performers.

The stated intent of this policy is to prevent child sexual abuse material and other non-consensual content. But the policy only applies to websites that host adult content – when all available evidence indicates that these problems proliferate across all kinds of sites. In reality, all Mastercard's policy does is make it harder for platforms to host adult content – destabilizing the websites that sex workers use to make a living.

Sex workers' livelihoods shouldn't depend on the whims of corporations. Unfortunately, numerous banks and companies already single out sex workers – forcing them to pay higher fees and interest rates. And public platforms like PayPal and Venmo continue to boot sex workers off their platforms with little due process.

Laws and policies like these – that criminalize and stigmatize sex work – make sex workers more vulnerable to abuse by clients, law enforcement, and others who target and harass sex workers or those perceived as sex workers, particularly trans women of color.

Mastercard's latest actions are only a continuation of this history of discrimination, and it must be stopped:

Sign this petition telling Mastercard to reverse its discriminatory policy now. 

4. Protect Our Freedom to Vote 

This national action comes from NCJW, Inc.

The issue: States across the country are making it more difficult to vote, particularly for people of color, people with disabilities, and low-income people.

The good news: The Freedom to Vote Act would set national standards for casting a ballot and ensure every vote is counted — an important step toward realizing the promise of democracy for all.

Our task: Tell your senators to not let anything stand in the way of passing this essential legislation.

5. Contact your members of Congress now: Washington D.C. Admission Act 

This national action comes from When We All Vote

The Washington D.C. Admission Act would provide the 712,000 residents living in D.C., who are predominantly Black and Brown, a political voice. Right now, D.C. residents are denied full citizenship and representation in Congress, despite paying more money in taxes than 22 states.

If passed, the Washington D.C. Admission Act would admit the state of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth — in honor of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass — into the union, providing D.C. residents with full representation in our democracy.

The exclusion of Washington D.C. from the United States remains a civil rights and voting rights issue. By denying a city that is home to mostly Black and Brown Americans the right to have their voices represented in our federal government, we are only deepening the racial inequalities persistent in our institutions and across our country.

With 86% of D.C. residents in favor of statehood, it is time that Congress acts and listens to the underrepresented voices of Washington D.C. residents.

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