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1. Support Trans Youth in Our Los Angeles Schools

This Local Action comes from the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Right now, there’s a group of harmful people loudly spreading misinformation about the trans community. This is fueling anger, fear, and more within our community and deeply affecting the students at risk. 

But this hate has no home in Los Angeles.  

If you support LGBTQ+ inclusion in education, gender-affirming access to healthcare, and trans students' rights, then send an email to the boards of LAUSD, Glendale Unified School District, and Glendora Unified School District sharing why you stand with trans students and the LGBTQ+ community. 

2. Keep L.A. Metro Safe: Prioritize Care-First Safety

This Local Action comes from the ACLU of Southern California.

No matter who you are or where you're going, riding the Metro should be a safe, reliable, and accessible experience for all Angelenos. 

But each year, the Los Angeles Metro Board of Directors — a public body made up of various city and county officials — wastes $222-million on policing our Metro — a bloated and ineffective approach to commuter safety. 

Contracting Metro police causes more harm than good. Officers stop and cite more Black transit riders than any other community, despite Black riders making up only 18 percent of Metro ridership. Officers also target poor and unhoused people accessing public services. We know there are more effective responses to commuter safety that respect people regardless of their race or income. 

Last year, the Metro Board of Directors established a program of unarmed transit ambassadors who can address emergencies with professionalism and care. Right now, as it considers renewing contracts, the board should continue to invest in transit ambassadors and Metro infrastructure like better lighting, more reliable timetables and service, and fareless transit. 

Right now, as it considers supplementing contracts with a new in-house police force, the board should continue to invest in transit ambassadors and Metro infrastructure like better lighting, more reliable timetables and service, and fareless transit. 

Take action by signing this petition and demand that L.A. Metro’s Board of Directors discontinue contracts with law enforcement to reduce waste on redundant and harmful police patrol and fund approaches that actually keep commuters safe.

3. Fight for Medication Abortion Access

This National Action comes from the Reproductive Freedom for All.

The ruling in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA blocking FDA approval of mifepristone is unconscionable. Mifepristone—approved 23 years ago and used effectively by millions of people for medication abortion—is perfectly safe. Anti-abortion extremists are attempting to use the courts to ban abortion nationwide, even in states that have legal protections for abortion access.  

Join us in this fight by signing the People's Petition. Together, we will mobilize against this harmful federal ruling and fight to protect reproductive freedom for everybody. 

4. Help Strengthen WIC through the Fiscal Year 24 Budget

This National Action comes from National WIC Association.

WIC has experienced a 17% increase in child participation since 2020 and the program is expected to serve as many as 7 million pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and young children in fiscal year 2024. However, the Appropriations bills currently being considered in the U.S. House and Senate would not provide WIC with the resources necessary to serve all participants, putting the program in danger of reverting to waitlists for the first time in nearly 30 years. 

The House Appropriations Committee even suggested a sharp cut to WIC's Cash Value Benefit, limiting access to fruits and vegetables. With rising food costs and increased program participation, it is more critical than ever that we strengthen WIC to provide for moms, babies, and young children. Together, we can help ensure that WIC is adequately funded for increased participation, has science-based food packages for optimal nutrition, and that the fruit and vegetable benefit bump is extended into FY24 by contacting our elected representatives. 

Act today! Send a message to your representatives to take action to protect WIC:


5. Tell Congress to Expand the Availability of Rental Assistance

This National Action comes from the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NILHC).

The bipartisan Family Stability and Opportunity Vouchers Act (S.1257, H.R.3776) would provide an additional 250,000 housing vouchers for families with young children to increase housing stability and offer them more choices in where they live. Learn more here.

Ask your members of Congress to support the Family Stability and Opportunity Vouchers Act.

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