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  1. #ReimagineChildSafety: Get Cops Out of Child Protective Services

This Local Action comes from Black Lives Matter Los Angeles.

We demand that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors end DCFS’s partnership with law enforcement.

Why is this important?

The child welfare system traumatizes children and rips families apart. Los Angeles County is home to the largest locally-run foster care system in the country, run by the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS). The system disproportionately targets Black, Brown, and Indigenous children for surveillance and removal, actions that, even when well-intentioned, terrorize and traumatize families of color.

While Black children are 10% of LA County’s population, they represent 40% of the young people in the child welfare system. DCFS works in direct partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and LA Sheriff’s Department (LASD). Removing law enforcement from the child welfare system is the first step to curb the racist practices that break up families of color.

We must demand an end to systems that separate families instead of supporting them.

2. Tell State Budget Leaders not to cut CalFresh Fruit and Vegetable benefits

This State Action comes from Nourish California.

The CalFresh Fruit and Vegetable EBT program is a great success – but is being forced to end because its funding is running out ahead of schedule.

This program provides 75,000 CalFresh participants with up to $60/month in rebates when they buy fresh fruits and vegetables with their CalFresh benefits. The program provides a total of $2 million in food assistance across the state each month. These benefits have been so popular that the funding for it has run out far faster than anticipated.

We need the legislature and governor to include at least $30M in the state budget to keep the program going and help more California families. That’s only 0.015% of the overall state budget.

This program is cost-effective, efficient, and critical. At a time of tight budgets – for both the state and millions of Californians – it’s an investment that is absolutely worth continuing.


This State Action comes from ACLU California Action.

In California, a safe, affordable home is currently a privilege reserved for those who can afford the state’s skyrocketing housing costs. Our state is home to a quarter of all unhoused people in the nation, and more than half of all unsheltered people. Due to generations of racist housing policy, these burdens of housing insecurity fall hardest on Black Californians.

Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 10 will recognize that every Californian has the fundamental human right to adequate housing. Here is what this would mean in our state:

  • An obligation on the part of the local and state governments to ensure that all Californians have access to adequate housing;
  • A commitment to ensuring equitable access to housing that is not subject to any form of discrimination; and
  • A recognition that the right to housing is not merely a roof over one’s head, but rather adequate housing is permanent, habitable, affordable, and close to employment, healthcare, and schools.

4. Tell Congress to support Healthy School Meals for All!

This National Action comes from MomsRising.

School meals are often the only way students facing hunger can get reliable, consistent, and nutritious meals on a daily basis, so we demand that Congress make no-cost school meals accessible for all students. Studies show that students at schools with no-cost school lunches have better standardized test scores, concentration, comprehension, memory, participation, and attendance.

5. Tell the Senate: Expand the Child Tax Credit now and reject attacks on low-income families

This National Action comes from Courage Campaign.

Cynical Senators are playing politics with the Child Tax Credit―and with the lives of millions of families with young children.

Some members of the Senate are lining up to block a tax package that will benefit 16 million children in lower-income families via an expanded CTC, despite a broad bipartisan House vote. Why? For some, the answer is simple: pure politics.

Expanding the Child Tax Credit is popular and is proven to dramatically reduce child poverty levels. So why are some members of the Senate trying so hard to stop the Senate from moving forward on this bipartisan package, and kill the CTC with poison pill amendments? Maybe because they think they can get a bill with more corporate tax breaks and a weaker CTC in the next Congress. Or maybe they don’t want to hand President Biden a legislative victory on an issue he has consistently championed. Whatever the reason, they are denying low-income families with children a bigger refund check just as millions of families are filing their taxes. We need Congress to act by the end of April to make it easier for people to receive a higher CTC as soon as possible. That’s why we are holding Senators accountable to take up this bipartisan tax package now.

The expanded Child Tax Credit included in the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act would lift 400,000 children out of poverty in tax year 2023, rising to 500,000 above the poverty line in 2025. It would also add much needed income to about 16 million children in families struggling to meet basic needs.

Tell the Senate that low-income families are not political pawns!

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