vintage Armani flats

 Today I attended a photography exhibit that got me thinking about the role of narrative in fashion. Ultimately fashion photography, no matter how artistic,  is intended to sell clothes.  I have trouble coming up with new ways to discuss  the clothes I come across on a weekly basis so you can imagine my awe of photographers who can convey an original story in a single image.

The shoes at this weeks sale at Granville got me to  thinking about the photographer Guy Bourdin and his shoe campaigns for Charles Jourdan between 1967-1981. His interpretations are famous and known for being mysterious and provocative. A  standard of just how much you can say about a pair of shoes.

two pairs of similar leather vintage lace-ups

Marc Jacobs collection maryjanes

Chloe slingbacks

Manolo sandals



Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan: